Coming in all shapes and sizes, it can be a little tricky to identify what dung beetles you have on your land. 

Knowing what species are on your property will help us provide the right populations for you.

Fill in our easy-to-use, taxonomical questionnaire to find out the most likely species of dung beetles you have on your farm.

You can also send us photos or even dead beetles and we will identify them for you. This information will be entered into iNaturalist and contribute to the national mapping of species in the Atlas of Living Australia.

Dung Beetle ID Questionnaire


How many horns do I have?

How long am I?

What colour am I?

Do I have a pattern?

Find Beetles

Bubas Bison Male

Bubas Bison Female

Digitonthophagus Gazella Male

Digitonthophagus Gazella Female

Euoniticellus Africanus

Euoniticellus Fulvus

Euoniticellus Intermedius

Euoniticellus Pallipes

Geotrupes Spiniger

Liatongus Militaris

Onitis Alexis

Onitis Aygulus

Onitis Caffer

Onitis Pecuarius

Onitis Vanderkelleni

Onitis Viridulus

Onthophagus Binodis

Onthophagus Sagittarius Male

Onthophagus Sagittarius Female

Onthophagus Taurus Male

Onthophagus Taurus Female

Sisyphus Rubrus

Sisyphus Spinipes

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